Be amazed by the views of the Secret River

Rio Secreto is an underground paradise hidden among the majestic jungle of the Riviera Maya. Or maybe not so hidden, but what is true is that it is a awesome place and full of fun.

Tak Bi Hay, as it is known among the Mayans, it is an impressive natural river surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites that lies underground in complete darkness, so the only light that exists is that of your lantern.

This underground nature reserve offers you the opportunity to travel almost 600 meters on foot and swimming in its crystalline waters, and the best of all is that not being a dangerous place it is suitable for all family members (as long as they have more 4 years old).

The Secret River tour has a duration between 3 and 5 hours, time in which the guide will explain in detail the history and symbolism of this sacred place, considered by the Maya as "the underworld."

It should be noted that, since it is a natural reserve, it is important to take care of the space we swim or walk at all times, since it is an extremely fragile ecosystem and although nature took thousands of years to form, the human being would take just a moment destroy it.

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Let's take care of our heritage! Here are some recommendations:

    • Go to the bathroom before entering and refrain from doing so during the tour.
    • Wear your swimsuit and comfortable clothes that you can wet.
    • Go well hydrated and rest well a day before, being a long journey could be very tired.
    • The tour is not suitable for people with heart problems, with claustrophobia or pregnant women.

How much does it cost to enter Rio Secreto?

The price of the normal ticket without transportation is 79 dollars, that is to say around 1500 Mexican pesos and includes lockers, towels, guide, special equipment for swimming in the river and buffet food with non-alcoholic drinks.

But if you choose the tour Plus, to the above you could add rappel, bike ride through the jungle and a light and sound show in one of the rooms of the cave for a price of 99 dollars or 1,780 pesos approximately.

If you are Mexican, you can request the 20% discount on the cost of your ticket, although it is necessary that you make the reservation in advance.

Where is it located?

The entrance is on the free federal highway Chetumal-Cancun, about 14 minutes from Maui Suites.